Foto of Dr. Noopur Lal

Dr. Noopur Lal

MBBS(India) and MD(AM)


A bit of history

I have been practicing as a conventional medical doctor since 1996. I acquired my medical training and residency from India in the field of Intensive Care, Emergency Medicine and Sonology. My varied experience in different aspects of conventional medicine has enabled me to view conventional medicine and its role in healing from a very unique perspective. Over the years I have come to a place where I appreciate the importance of conventional medicine in many different aspects of healing, especially in urgent medical care. However, I also see and understand where it has failed to provide adequate and reasonable answers to human disease conditions (acute and chronic), its healing and above most its prevention. Not satisfied with the limitations of conventional medicine I felt compelled to look beyond “what meets the eye” and also beyond what I was trained to look for! This inspired me to study Alternative Medicine and successfully complete my doctorate in it.


My Philosophy

I quote what my 70 year old medical professor told me in medical school, “Treat the patient, NOT the Disease!”. Being able to completely implement this concept gives my practice a whole new dimension. My approach is holistic and encompasses a sustainable healing so as to experience a complete “state of wellness” and not only being “disease-free”. I see symptoms as a cue to understand, rather than only trying to suppress or eliminate them. Symptoms show up for a reason and are signs that the body gives out in response to an imbalance. Fixing the imbalance allows the body to heal from inside out. Therefore my philosophy is to support the body in its healing and the subsequent natural regression of the symptoms.


My Focus

I focus on the innate capabilities of the body and its wisdom. These are promoted by providing the body with the right tools. One of the most important tools is a healthy, active and well-trained immune system. In my practice, supporting the body to create this kind of an immune system is not only my prime focus but also my core competency. As a medical doctor who has been trained to incorporate unconventional procedures, I am able to provide a comprehensive and powerful assistance in the direction of immune stimulation.

Concomitantly, I also suggest customized cellular nutrition (by using micronutrients) to patients and direct them towards emotional well-being (by healthy processing and expression of emotions and thoughts along with a personalized diet). Apart from my Doctorate in Alternative Medicine I also had the privilege of growing-up in India and inheriting a deep and expansive knowledge as well as appreciation of Ayurveda, yoga, and recipes from grandma’s kitchen. My training with Dr. Steve Colton has refined my understanding and principle of cellular healing from naturopathic stand point. This has enabled me to successfully integrate conventional medicine with alternative medicine and to offer a very unique cocktail where “Eastern medicine meets Western medicine!”